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Paul Kim

Ventricles of the brain (English)

Ventricles of the brain (English)

The lateral ventricles are two C-shaped cavities, one in each cerebral hemisphere. We can observe the left lateral ventricle in detail in this left lateral perspective of the brain. Each lateral ventricle has a central part (located in the region of the parietal lobe), an atrium (connecting the central part with the posterior and inferior horns) and three horns projecting into the lobes for which they are named: the frontal (or anterior) horn, the occipital (or posterior) horn, and the temporal (or inferior) horn. The interventricular foramen (or foramen of Monro) is a Y-shaped channel that connect the paired lateral ventricles with the third ventricle. The third ventricle is the narrow vertical cavity of the diencephalon with several outpocketings: the supraoptic, infundibular, suprapineal, and pineal recesses. It is drained by the cerebral aqueduct (of Sylvius) that conveys CSF into the fourth ventricle. The fourth ventricle is a diamond-shaped cavity located in the brainstem. It has two lateral extensions, the lateral recesses of the fourth ventricle and a median one, the median aperture (not shown on this perspective). This ventricle is the most inferior and extends into the central canal of the spinal cord.
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