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Irina Münstermann

Renal arteries (Latin)

Renal arteries (Latin)

Overview of a coronal cross section of the right kidney (ren dexter), exposing the arteria renalis dextra and its branches. Upon traversing the hilum renis, the arteria renalis divides into a ramus anterior and ramus posterior. The ramus anterior further divides close to the hilum into 4 arteriae segmentales; the arteria segmenti superioris renis, arteria segmenti anterioris superioris renis, arteria segmenti anterioris inferioris renis and arteria segmenti inferioris renis. The ramus posterior arteriae renalis continues as the arteria segmenti posterioris renis to supply the posterior segment of the kidney (segmentum posterius renis). The arteriae segmentales then divide into the arteriae interlobares renis which are located in between the lobi renis. At the base of the medulla renis, these arteries receive the name of arteriae arcuatae, and they give origin to the arteriae interlobulares. These then enter the nephrons as arteriolae glomerulares afferentes to bring blood to the glomerulus to be filtered. The arteria suprarenalis inferior, rami pelvici and ramus uretericus arteriae renalis can be seen supplying the glandula suprarenalis), pelvis renalis and ureter, respectively.
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