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Begoña Rodriguez

Neurovasculature of the tongue (English)

Neurovasculature of the tongue (English)

Sagittal section of the lower face showing the tongue and its neurovascular supply. We can see the lingual nerve, a branch of the mandibular nerve (CN V3), and the submandibular ganglion, a parasympathetic ganglion associated with the chorda tympani. Chorda tympani is a branch of the facial nerve (CN VII) that carries special sensory innervation to the tongue and parasympathetic innervation to the submandibular gland. The hypoglossal nerve (CN XII) carries motor innervation to all the intrinsic muscles of the tongue. The lingual artery originates from the external carotid artery and gives off 3 main branches: the dorsal lingual, deep lingual and sublingual arteries, which supply the root of the tongue, the body of tongue and the floor of the oral cavity and sublingual glands, respectively. Lastly, we can see the veins that drain the tongue into the internal jugular vein.
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