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Liene Znotina

Neurovasculature of the hip and thigh (anterior view) (Latin)

Neurovasculature of the hip and thigh (anterior view) (Latin)

The main supplier of arterial blood to the thigh and leg is the a. femoralis which starts at the level of the ligamentum inguinale and then descends through the trigonum femorale and along the anteromedial thigh. Upon reaching the distal thigh it passes posteriorly through the canalis adductorius and continues to the fossa poplitea, where it becomes the a. poplitea. A major branch of the a. femoralis is the a. profunda femoris. It descends alongside the a. femoralis, giving off many smaller branches which supply the hip region (a. circumflexa medialis/lateralis femoris) and muscles of the posterior and medial thigh (aa. perforantes femoris).Traveling alongside the a. femoralis is the v. femoralis, which drains blood received from the v. poplitea, v. saphena magna, v. profunda femoris and their respective tributaries throughout the thigh and leg. Also traveling alongside the a. femoralis is the n. femoralis which provides muscular and cutaneous innervation to the hip and anterior thigh. The medial thigh is predominantly supplied by the n. obturatorius.
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