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Yousun Koh

Neurovasculature of the back (Latin)

Neurovasculature of the back (Latin)

The arterial supply of the back is primarily derived via the aa. intercostales posteriores and aa. lumbales which arise directly from the aorta. Additional supply is delivered by rami cutanei of arteries supplying the musculi superficiales dorsi (e.g. arteria transversa colli) as well as those forming the scapular anastomosis (rete scapulae). Venous drainage is achieved via similar patterns however these vessels empty into the vv. brachiocephalicae, azygos venous system (vv. azygos) and v. cava inferior.The skin of the back is primarily innervated by the rami posteriores of most nervi spinales, specifically the medial branches of these rami in the regio cervicalis and regio thoracica (C2-C5, T2-T12) and the lateral branches of the rami posteriores in the regio lumbalis (L1-L3). The musculi superficiales dorsi are mainly innervated by branches of the plexus cervicalis et brachialis, and nn. intercostales. Most of the musculi dorsi proprii are innervated by the rami posteriores of nervi spinales cervicales, thoracici et lumbales.
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