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Yousun Koh

Nerves of the hand: Palmar view (English)

Nerves of the hand: Palmar view (English)

Motor innervation to the hand is supplied by the median and ulnar nerves. The radial nerve only contributes to its cutaneous innervation. The ulnar nerve gives off a palmar branch in the distal forearm before bifurcating into superficial and deep branches when it reaches the hand. The superficial branch of the ulnar nerve gives off a common palmar digital branch and a palmar digital branch to the [ulnar side of the] little finger. The common palmar digital branch further bifurcates to form two proper palmar digital branches of the ulnar nerve which supply the adjoining sides of the ring and little fingers. Therefore, the ulnar nerve provides sensory innervation to the medial one third of the palm of the hand and palmar surfaces of medial one and a half digits. As the median nerve enters the hand it divides into palmar, recurrent and common palmar digital branches. The common palmar digital branches divide into proper palmar digital branches to supply the thumb through middle fingers as well as the radial aspect of the ring finger. The median nerve provides sensory innervation to the lateral two thirds of the palm of the hand and the palmar surface and dorsal distal one third of the lateral three and a half digits.
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