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Yousun Koh

Nerves of the arm and the shoulder - Posterior view (Latin)

Nerves of the arm and the shoulder - Posterior view (Latin)

In relation to the humerus, many nerves of the plexus brachialis arise and course posterior to it. The n. ulnaris is a terminal branch of the fasciculus medialis plexus brachialis; it is branchless within the arm . The fasciculus posterior plexus brachialis gives rise to the n. subscapularis (not depicted here), n. thoracodorsalis and n. axillaris innervating the m. subscapularis and m. teres major, the m. latissimus dorsi and m. deltoideus, respectively. The n. radialis, a larger terminal branch of the fasciculus posterior plexus brachialis, supplies all muscles of the compartimentum posterius brachii/antebrachii. It equally provides sensory innervation to the skin of the posterior and inferolateral arm and forearm (n. cutaneus posterior brachii/n. cutaneus lateralis inferior brachii). In the clavicular and shoulder region, the nn. supraclaviculares arising from the plexus cervicalis provide sensation over the clavicle (clavicula), anteromedial shoulder and proximal thorax. The n. suprascapularis arises from the truncus superior plexus brachialis and passes through the incisura scapulae to innervate the m. supraspinatus and m. infraspinatus, as well as the art. glenohumeralis along its course. The n. thoracicus longus originates from the posterior aspect of rami anteriores of nervi spinales C5, C6 and C7 and supplies the m. serratus anterior. Arising from the ramus anterior nervi spinalis C5, the n. dorsalis scapulae descends deep to the levator scapulae and m. rhomboideus major/minor to supply them.
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