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Yousun Koh

Muscles of the leg (Anterior view) (Latin)

Muscles of the leg (Anterior view) (Latin)

The four muscles of the compartimentum anterius cruris include the m. tibialis anterior, m. extensor longus digitorum, m. extensor hallucis longus, and m. fibularis tertius (not shown/illustrated). These muscles pass anterior to the art. talocruralis to insert at the pes therefore eliciting dorsiflexion at the art. talocruralis on contraction. The m. extensor digitorum longus and m. extensor hallucis longus extend distally to insert onto the dorsal surface of the phalanges and therefore also elicit extension of the digits at the artt. metatarsophalangeae and artt. interphalangeae. The m. fibularis longus and m. fibularis brevis form the compartimentum laterale cruris. The m. fibularis longus travels along the lateral portion of the leg (crus), crossing onto the plantar aspect of the foot (planta pedis) before inserting onto the os metatarsi 1 and os cuneiforme mediale, while the m. fibularis brevis inserts onto the tuberositas ossis metatarsi 5. The m. fibularis longus and m. fibularis brevis are both evertors of the foot (occuring at the art. subtalaris), therefore functioning to elevate the lateral border of the foot on contraction.
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