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Paul Kim

Medial view of the brain (Latin)

Medial view of the brain (Latin)

The cerebrum is the largest and most superior/rostral part of the brain. There are several important gyri and lobules visible on the medial view, such as the gyrus frontalis medialis and lobulus paracentralis of the lobus frontalis, the precuneus of the lobus parietalis and the cuneus of the lobus occipitalis. Additionally, running below the lobus frontalis is the gyrus cinguli, which is a part of the lobus limbicus. The notable sulci of the cerebrum visible on this view are the sulcus paracentralis, that separates the gyrus frontalis medialis and lobulus paracentralis; the sulcus centralis, separating the lobus frontalis and lobus parietalis, and the sulcus parietooccipitalis, which separates the lobus parietalis and lobus occipitalis. Moving inferiorly, several structures of the diencephalon are labeled: the thalamus, hypothalamus, glandula pituitaria, corpus mamillare and glandula pinealis. The next part of the brain is the truncus encephali, which consists of three parts: the mesencephalon, pons and medulla oblongata. The last part of the brain visible on this view is the cerebellum, lying inferior to the lobus occipitalis cerebri and posterior the pons.
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