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Yousun Koh

Mandible (Anterolateral view) (English)

Mandible (Anterolateral view) (English)

The mental protuberance presents at the midline of the base of the external surface of the mandible and is continuous laterally on either side with the mental tubercles. Collectively these structures form the prominence of the chin. Inferior to the mandibular premolar teeth, along the external surface of the base of the mandible is a small, round opening known as the mental foramen, which allows for the passage of the mental branch of inferior alveolar artery, mental vein and mental nerve. The oblique lines of the body of the mandible are continuous superiorly with the anterior border of the ramus of the mandible and extend anteroinferiorly towards the mental tubercles. They form the lateral boundary of the retromolar fossa and provide an origin site for the depressor anguli oris muscle. The external surface of the angle of mandible presents with a roughening for the attachment of the masseter muscle known as the masseteric tuberosity. Along the anterior aspect of each neck of mandible are two small shallow depressions known as the pterygoid foveae, which provide an insertion site for the lateral pterygoid muscle on each side. The internal surface of the ramus of the mandible presents with the inferior alveolar foramen (also known as the mandibular foramen) which houses the inferior alveolar artery, vein and nerve. The opening has a prominent ridge in its front known as the lingula of mandible for the attachment of the sphenomandibular ligament. The mylohyoid groove runs in an anteroinferior direction from this point and contains the mylohyoid nerve.
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