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Paul Kim

Ligaments of the wrist and hand: Palmar view (English)

Ligaments of the wrist and hand: Palmar view (English)

The radiocarpal joint (wrist joint) is stabilized by a number of ligaments, namely the palmar and dorsal radiocarpal ligaments, the palmar ulnocarpal ligament and the radial and ulnar collateral ligaments. These ligaments extend from the distal portion of either the radius or ulna, respectively, to insert onto the carpal bones of the hand. The intercarpal joints formed between the carpal bones are stabilized by numerous sets of ligaments. The palmar intercarpal ligaments stretch between adjacent carpal bones and are made up of the radiate carpal ligament, the palmar scaphotriquetral and pisohamate ligaments as well as a few others which are not visible from this view. The radiate carpal ligament is formed by a set of five ligaments: the scaphocapitate (not seen), triquetrocapitate, palmar capitohamate, palmar trapezoideocapitate and trapezocapitate ligaments.
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