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Liene Znotina

Ligaments of the pelvis (Posterior view) (Latin)

Ligaments of the pelvis (Posterior view) (Latin)

The art. sacroiliaca is strengthened by three ligaments, namely the lig. sacroiliacum anterius (see previous image), lig. sacroiliacum interosseum and lig. sacroiliacum posterius. The lig. sacroiliacum interosseum constitutes the major bond between the os ilium and os sacrum, filling the gaps between these two bones at the posterosuperior aspect of the joint. The lig. sacroiliacum posterius lies superficial to the lig. sacroiliacum interosseum and consists of several fibers connecting the spina iliaca posterior superior, crista iliaca as well as the crista sacralis lateralis and crista sacralis medialis. The two bones of the spina pelvis (os sacrum and os coccygis) are strengthened by the lig. sacrococcygeum anterius (see previous image) and lig. sacrococcygeum posterius. The lig. sacrococcygeum posterius superficiale arises from the margin of the hiatus sacralis and attaches to the dorsum of the os coccygis. The lig. sacrococcygeum posterius profundum extends from the corpus vertebrae S5 to the dorsum of the os coccygis. Bilaterally, the lig. sacrococcygeum laterale spans from the inferolateral angles of the os sacrum to the processus transversus os coccygis. Two major ligaments situated on the posterior aspect of the pelvis ossea are the lig. sacrospinale and lig. sacrotuberale. These transform the incisura ischiadica minor/major into the foramen ischiadicum minus/majus, respectively. The former extends from the margins of the os coccygis and os sacrum to the spina ischiadica, while the latter has several attachments to the spina iliaca posterior superior, the lig. sacroiliacum posterius, crista sacralis lateralis as well as the lateral margins of the lower os sacrum and upper os coccygis.Lastly, the lig. pubicum posterius, blending with the periosteum of the corpora of the ossa pubes posteriorly, can be seen in this view.
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