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Paul Kim

Ligaments of the metacarpals and phalanges: Palmar view (Latin)

Ligaments of the metacarpals and phalanges: Palmar view (Latin)

The distal row of the palmar surface of ossa carpi and ossa metacarpi are bridged by the ligg. carpometacarpea palmaria. The ligg. carpometacarpea palmaria are comprised of a series of ligamentous bands. There are 2 bands associated with the 2nd metacarpal, one of which is connected to the os trapezoideum and one to the os trapezium. The 4th metacarpal is connected to the os capitatum and the os hamatum, while the 5th metacarpal only has one band anchoring it to the os hamatum. In contrast, the 3rd metacarpal has three associated ligaments. These three ligaments span from the 3rd metacarpal and attach to the ossa trapezoideum, capitatum and hamatum on the palmar surface of the hand (manus).The four ligg. metacarpea palmaria attach to the palmar surfaces of the bases of adjacent ossa metacarpi, connecting the 5 ossa metacarpi together. Located on the palmar aspect of the artt. metacarpophalangeae are the ligg. metacarpophalangea palmaria which are dense fibrocartilaginous thickenings of the metacarpophalangeal joint capsule. The ligg. anularia of the phalanges form small hoops on the palmar surface of the digits, through which the tendons of flexor digitorum muscle pass. There are 2-3 ligg. anularia associated with the phalanges of the thumb and 5 in each of the four fingers.The ligg. cruciforma consist of two obliquely crossed bands and there are 3 sets associated with each digit. The ligg. anularia and cruciforma of the phalanges work together to prevent bowstringing of the flexor tendons.
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