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Paul Kim

Lens and corpus ciliare: Posterior view (Latin)

Lens and corpus ciliare: Posterior view (Latin)

At the centre of this image is the lens, located just posterior to the iris and anterior to the camera postrema/vitrea bulbi oculi. The capsula lentis is anchored to adjacent processus ciliares of the corpus ciliare by fibrae zonulares which collectively form the apparatus suspensorius lentis/zonula ciliaris. The anterior portion of the corpus ciliare is known as the corona ciliaris/pars plicata and is marked by processus ciliares which function to produce humor aquosus within the camera posterior providing nutrients for the cornea and lens. The orbiculus ciliaris/pars plana forms the posterior portion of the corpus ciliare and terminates along the ora serrata. The pars optica retinae is continuous with the choroidea and sclera before terminating anteriorly at the ora serrata while the pars caeca retinae extends over the corpus ciliare and iris.
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