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Liene Znotina

Hip bone (parts) (Latin)

Hip bone (parts) (Latin)

Three primary bones fuse together to form the hip bone, the os ilium, os ischium and os pubis. All three bones meet at the acetabulum.The os ilium is the largest component of the os coxae and is located superior to both the os ischium and os pubis. The corpus ossis ilii forms its inferior portion, fusing with the os ischium and os pubis at the acetabulum. Its upper part forms the wing, or ala ossis ilii. The os pubis is the smallest of the three bones. It is positioned on the anterior aspect of the cingulum pelvicum and articulates with its fellow at the symphysis pubica. The os pubis consists of a body (corpus) from which two projections extend: the ramus superior/inferior ossis pubis (note: some references alternatively describe the corpus ossis pubis as the part which contributes to the acetabulum). The os ischium, sometimes called the “sitting bone”, is the inferoposterior component of the os coxae. Superiorly, the corpus ossis ischii meets the corpus ossis ilii and the ramus superior ossis pubis, while inferiorly the ramus ossis ischii arches anteriorly to meet the ramus inferior ossis pubis forming the ramus ischiopubicus. This arch forms the margo inferior of the foramen obturatum.
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