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Paul Kim

Cranial nerve nuclei - sagittal view (efferent) (Latin)

Cranial nerve nuclei - sagittal view (efferent) (Latin)

The nuclei associated with the general visceral efferent nn. craniales give origin to preganglionic fibers that contribute to the cranial parasympathetic outflow. These fibers end in peripheral ganglia and function to supply smooth muscles and glands. Nuclei of this group include the ncl. accessorius nervi oculomotorii (also known as the Edinger-Westphal nucleus), the ncll. salivatorius superior and inferior and the ncl. posterior nervi vagi (See previous image to identify these nuclei from a posterior view). The ncl. accessorius nervi oculomotorii is located in the mesencephalon, while the ncll. salivatorius and ncl. posterior nervi vagi can be found in the medulla oblongata. The ncl. salivatorius superior innervates target structures via the n. facialis (CN VII), while the ncl. salivatorius inferior communicates with the n. glossopharyngeus (CN IX). The ncl. posterior nervi vagi sends parasympathetic visceral efferent fibers to the viscera of the thorax and abdomen via the n. vagus.
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