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Paul Kim

Cranial nerve nuclei - posterior view (afferent) (Latin)

Cranial nerve nuclei - posterior view (afferent) (Latin)

The nuclei associated with the general somatic afferent nn. craniales include the ncll. mesencephalicus, principalis et spinalis nervi trigemini. These nuclei can also be appreciated from a sagittal perspective (see next image). All three nuclei are located within the pons, however, the ncl. spinales nervi trigemini extends caudally from the pons into the medulla oblongata, whereas the ncl. mesencephalicus extends cranially to reach the mesencephalon. These nuclei function to mediate sensations of pain, proprioception, crude touch and temperature received from nn. craniales V, VII, IX and X.Nuclei within the special somatic afferent group are made up of the ncll. cochleares and ncll. vestibulares. The ncl. cochlearis dorsalis and ncl. cochlearis ventralis are located at the junction where the pons and medulla meet, the sulcus bulbopontinus. The ncll. medialis, lateralis, inferioris and superioris vestibulares are located in the substantia grisea underlying the lateral part of the fossa rhomboidea. These nuclei receive afferent impulses from the n. vestibulocochlearis (CN VIII) associated with hearing and balance (see next image to identify these nuclei from a sagittal view).
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