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Paul Kim

Cerebral veins - Lateral view (English)

Cerebral veins - Lateral view (English)

There are approximately eight to twelve superior cerebral veins that drain the superolateral and upper medial surfaces of the brain. They are small in caliber, and they usually follow the cerebral sulci towards the superomedial margin of the cerebral hemisphere and drain into the superior sagittal sinus. They can be divided into frontopolar, frontal, central, parietal and occipital veins. The superficial middle cerebral vein courses along the lateral cerebral fissure. It drains blood from most of the lateral surface of the cerebral hemisphere and conveys it to the cavernous sinus, following a course along the lateral sulcus. It communicates with the superior sagittal sinus and transverse sinus via the superior anastomotic vein (of Troland) and inferior anastomotic vein (of Labbé), respectively.The inferior cerebral veins are variable and numerous; they drain the inferior portion of the cerebral hemisphere. Temporal and occipital veins [on the lateral and basal surfaces] empty into the superficial middle cerebral and basal veins, as well as the superior petrosal and/or transverse sinuses. Orbitofrontal veins (not seen) empty into the anterior end of the superior sagittal sinus, superficial middle cerebral vein and/or basal vein.
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