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Paul Kim

Cerebellar nuclei (Latin_EN version) (Latin)

Cerebellar nuclei (Latin_EN version) (Latin)

Section through the pedunculus cerebellaris superior and cerebellum, with the regiones corticales color coded to match their target nuclei. The most medial nucleus is the ncl. fastigii (a.k.a. ncl. medialis cerebelli), which lies with its contralateral fellow close to the midline. It is functionally related to the zona medialis (a.k.a. zona vermalis) of the overlying cortex cerebellaris. Lateral to the ncl. fastigii are the ncl. emboliformis and ncl. globosus, which are alternatively referred to as the ncll. interpositii anterior et posterior, respectively. These nuclei are functionally related to the zona intermedia (a.k.a. zona paravermalis) of the cortex cerebellaris.The ncl. dentatus (a.k.a. ncl. lateralis cerebelli) is the largest and most expansive of the ncll. cerebellares; its size correlates to the large overlying zona lateralis, to which it relates. It presents as an undulating layer of gray matter lateral to the ncl. interpositii, which gives it a somewhat ‘crumpled’, flask-like appearance. Its opening, known as the hilum ncl. dentati, is oriented anteromedially towards the pedunculus cerebellaris superior, to which its efferent fibers project. It can be further subdivided into pars dorsalis/motoria/microgryia and pars ventralis/nonmotoria/macrogyria which are said to play a major role in the modulation of voluntary movement and cognitive/visuospatial processes, respectively.
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