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Paul Kim

Brodmann areas (lateral view) (Latin)

Brodmann areas (lateral view) (Latin)

The primary Brodmann areas of interest in the lobus frontalis are area 4 (cortex motorius primarius) and area 6 (cortex premotorius) that are in charge of motor control. Rostral to them are area 8 (frontal eye field) and area 9 (cortex prefrontalis anterior) that are involved in memory, planning and organization. In addition, the lateral lobus frontalis (specifically the posterior part of the gyrus frontalis inferior) of a dominant hemisphere also contains areas 44 and 45 that represent the speech and language area (Broca's area). Important areas of the lobus parietalis are areas 1, 2 and 3 that correspond to the cortex sensorius primarius. Caudal to them are areas 7 and 40 that are involved in visuomotor coordination and language processing, respectively. The lobus occipitalis contains three important areas which are areas 17, 18 and 19, all involved in visual stimuli processing. Finally, the lobus temporalis contains several important regions: area 22 (Wernicke’s area, important for language comprehension), area 37 (facial recognition), areas 41 and 42 (primary auditory cortex), and area 43 (sensation of taste).
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