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Liene Znotina

Bones of the foot (EN headlines) (Latin)

Bones of the foot (EN headlines) (Latin)

The hindfoot is the most proximal group, and includes only two bones: os tali and calcaneus. The os tali forms the articulatio talocruralis superiorly with the tibia and fibula, while the calcaneus forms the calx (heel). Anterior to the os tali and calcaneus is the next set of ossa tarsi that belong to the midfoot: the os naviculare, os cuboideum and three ossa cuneiforme (os cuneiforme laterale, intermedium, and mediale). The last group of bones makes up the forefoot, and include the ossa metatarsi and phalanges. There are three consecutive sets of phalanges for each toe (phalanx proximalis, media and distalis), except for the great toe that contains 2 phalanges (phalanx proximalis and distalis).
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