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Begoña Rodriguez

Arteries of the sacrum (Latin)

Arteries of the sacrum (Latin)

An anterior view of the arteriae of the os sacrum and os coccygis. The aorta abdominalis terminates by bifurcating into the left and right arteriae iliacae communes anterior to the corpus vertebrae of L4 which in turn each divide into arteriae iliaca interna and externa. Arising from the divisio posterior arteriae iliacae internae is the arteria iliolumbalis, a small artery which runs superolaterally along the anterior surface of the ala ossis sacri supplying structures within this region. Also arising from the divisio posterior arteriae iliacae internae are the arteriae sacrales laterales. The paired arteriae sacrales laterales descend anterior to the foramina sacralia anteriora and rami anteriores sacralium and give off several rami spinales which travel through the foramina sacralia to supply structures of the medulla spinalis. Arising from the posterior aspect of the aorta abdominalis, just proximal to the bifurcation is the arteria sacralis mediana. This is an unpaired artery which runs along the anterior surface of the last two vertebrae lumbales and the length of the os sacrum and os coccygis. As this artery passes over the promontorium ossis sacri it gives off small transverse branches which anastomose with the right and left arteriae sacrales laterales.
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