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Yousun Koh

Arteries of the hand: Palmar view (Latin)

Arteries of the hand: Palmar view (Latin)

The arterial supply of the hand is provided by the a. ulnaris and a. radialis, whose terminal branches contribute to the formation of arcus venosus palmaris superficialis/profundus. The arcus palmaris superficialis is formed by the terminal branch of the a. ulnaris and the r. palmaris superficialis arteriae radialis. The arcus palmaris superficialis gives rise to the aa. digitales palmares communes which travel distally between digits 2-4. It also gives rise to the a. digitals palmaris digiti minimi. At the level of the metacarpophalangeal joints, the aa. digitales palmares communes bifurcate to form the aa. digitales palmares propriae. The arcus palmaris profundus is formed by the terminal branch of the a. radialis and the r. palmaris profundus arteriae ulnaris. The arcus palmaris profundus gives off 3 aa. metacarpeae palmares which join with the aa. digitales palmares communes to supply the fingers. At the base of the aa. metacarpeae palmares are the rr. perforantes arteriarum metacarpearum palmarium which anastomose with the aa. metacarpeae dorsales. The palmar aspect of the thumb receives its arterial supply from a branch of the a. radialis known as the a. princeps pollicis.
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