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Paul Kim

Arteries of the brain - Medial view (Latin)

Arteries of the brain - Medial view (Latin)

Cerebrum (without the truncus encephali and cerebellum), with arteries exposed. The a. anterior cerebri gives off several branches including the a. communicans anterior, a. centralis anteromedialis, a. orbitofrontalis, rr. frontopolares, a. callosomarginalis, a. pericallosa. The a. callosomarginalis also gives rise to three frontal rami (r. frontalis anteromedialis/intermediomedialis/posteromedialis), as well as several rr. cingulares, while the a. pericallosa gives rise to the rr. precuneati and other rr. parietales. Therefore, the a. anterior cerebri supplies the frontal and medial surfaces of the cerebrum, cortex cingularis and part of the corpus callosum. The a. posterior cerebri gives off several branches which include: aa. centrales posteromediales, aa. centrales posterolaterales, rr. choroidei posteriores, a. parietooccipitalis, a. occipitalis lateralis and a. occipitalis medialis. The a. posterior cerebri and its branches supply the lobus occipitalis, the inferolateral surface of the lobus temporalis, mesencephalon, thalamus, plexus choroideus (ventriculus tertius/quartus) and pedunculi cerebri.
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