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Yousun Koh

Arteries of face and scalp (Anterior view: superficial) (Latin)

Arteries of face and scalp (Anterior view: superficial) (Latin)

The a. facialis arises from the a. carotis externa within the neck and continues along the inner surface of the mandibula. It then crosses over the inferior aspect of the mandibula and continues to course superiorly across the face. The branches of the a. facialis which supply the face and scalp are the a. submentalis, (supplying the submental area alongside the ramus mentalis arteriae alveolaris inferioris), the a. labialis superior and a. labialis inferior (which supply the upper/lower lips, see next image), the r. lateralis nasi (which supplies the skin of the nose), and its terminal branch, the a. angularis (see next image).Supplying the superficial aspect of the facies and calva is one of the terminal branches of the a. carotis externa, the a. temporalis superficialis. The a. temporalis superficialis extends through the regio temporalis and gives rise to its two main branches: the a. transversa faciei and a. temporalis media. The a. zygomaticoorbitalis is an occasional branch of the a. temporalis media that runs along the upper border of the arcus zygomaticus. It may also arise from the a. temporalis superficialis.
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